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To obtain a press kit, please call Mia Andrews at 416-778-5870 x 3

Concerns about unhealthy diets, special diet needs, and the fast pace of today's lifestyle are leading Canadians to personal chef services, making personal chefs one of today's fastest growing food service industries.

The Canadian Personal Chef Association (CPCA) has members across Canada and can provide you with insight and information about this growing industry. As well, we can put you in touch with local members and their clients to provide you with the context and comments you need.

Media quotations:

"Personal chefs are a contemporary twist on the days when only rich people could afford help in the kitchen." Globe & Mail

"Presto! A welcome safety net on those busiest weeknights when you need it most. Customers I've talked to can't say enough good things about the chef service. It's one way to help them regain their lives." Ottawa Citizen

The Future Ain't What It Used To Be, a book of cultural trends authored by Iconoculture (a trend tracking business used by fortune 500 companies) lists Personal Chef Services as one of the 40 culture trends transforming American jobs, American lives and the world.

"When chefs go looking for a change, they generally move to a different restaurant or tread the riskier path of starting their own operation. There are, however, a growing number of culinary masters navigating their entrepreneurial spirit on a different course. These are personal chefs." Ontario Hotel and Restaurant News


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