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How Do I Hire a Personal Chef?

The Canadian Personal Chef Association (CPCA) is here to help you find the right personal chef. Just follow these easy suggestions:

  1. Find CPCA-Registered and/or Certified Personal Chefs in your area. Just visit,  a full listing of Personal Chefs who adhere to the industry’s highest and strictest standards. The listing will also contain information about each Personal Chef’s specialty, to help you narrow the list to the ones who meet your needs.
  2. Call or email two or three Personal Chefs and ask them for information about their particular services. At some point you will need to arrange for an interview in your home.
  3. Be sure to ask your Personal Chef for references and proof of insurance. Check that their CPCA membership is current and ask about their progress towards becoming CPCA-Certified.  Feel free to call us for a reference.  416-778-5870, ext 3 and ask for Mia.

    Unfortunately there are imitators using our business name illegally.  For your own assurance, check all claims of CPCA membership.  The easiest way is to check our listing of members at cook4me (see item 1).  Or phone 416-778-0623, ext 3 and ask Mia to verify CPCA membership of the chef you are interviewing.
  4. Work with your chosen Personal Chef on a detailed food questionnaire, book her/him for your first cookday, and enjoy the results!!


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