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The Canadian Personal Chef Association (CPCA) is pleased to present you with the information you need to either become a personal chef or hire a personal chef.

First time sending us an email? Please note that due to our spam filter, any first-time emails sent to us are held in limbo until checked.  Please ensure that your subject line starts with CPCA to help us locate and approve your email.  Please translate the addresses listed into email format.

Here's the contact information:

  • To hire a personal chef, follow this link to 
  • To contact the Canadian Personal Chef Association for information about membership, e-mail Mia Andrews -  mia at personalchef dot ca -  or phone 416-778-5870 ext. 3.  First time emailing us?  Please start your subject line with CPCA.
  • Ready to become a member?  Follow this link to our registration site.



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